• Citycover is a Registered Insurance Broker and Financial Services provider.

      Founded in 1972 as DF McGarry & Associates, Citycover is located in Brisbane and is one of the most sizable and successful broking operations within the Austbroker Group. We are currently servicing an ever-growing environment, with an extensive network of partnerships and local expertise. Citycover currently has clients, markets and spheres of interest throughout every state of Australia.

      With the backing of AUB Group Ltd – a leading insurance distribution, specialist underwriting and risk services group (ASX 250 listed company) – Citycover has the intellectual resources required to meet the exact demands of our clients throughout Australia. Most importantly, the company lives by the “RIGHT” values –
      Respect, Integrity, Growth, Honesty and Trust’, on which Citycover was founded.

      • What we offer

        Citycover offers our clients personalised insurance programs, specialised claims guidance and service, as well as tailored risk management solutions and advice. We also have access to exclusive policies providing extra cover and benefits as well as access to all of the major insurers and specialist underwriting agencies.

      • Our Aim

        Our aim is to exceed the expectations of excellent service and quality advice to all of our clients. Our focus is to protect our clients interests at all times, and to maximise business potential. Citycover achieves this by the use of organic and new business growth strategies, not only through flexible but innovative approaches to adapt to the ever-changing market.

      • Our Buying Power

        Citycover’s buying power is strong, which is a direct result of our size, relationships and our values. Our network partnerships are strengthened and maintained through the large portfolio we carry, and the way we conduct ourselves in the market. Citycover has achieved priority service in both the Underwriting and Claims environments which betters the outcome for every Citycover client.

      • Our Dedication

        Citycover is also dedicated and protected by strong compliance and industry regulation. Citycover is a member of the Council of Queensland Insurance Brokers Inc and the National Insurance Brokers Association. We have 22 employees, and the success of our company is directly related to the experience and knowledge of our team. Citycover management are devoted to the on-going training and the professional development of each employee.