• Over the past decade, Citycover have been involved in supporting many Charities & Fundraisers. We have done this to make sure the Business, Directors & Staff put back into the local Community.

    Citycover are proud of our achievements to date, and are committed to put back into the Community into the future. It’s just so rewarding!

    Most recently Citycover have channelled our focus into two major Community focuses:

    • Foundation Wise

      Prince Charles Hospital “The Common Good Program” to help fund Medical Researchers work.

      The Common Good program allows our staff help out at fund raising events & the business of Citycover, on a weekly basis providing funds for ongoing medical research. Citycover will also hold fund raising events throughout the year to donate additional funds into research at the Prince Charles Hospital.

    • Community Wise

      ASF (Australian Sports Foundation) to provide sporting equipment for local Brisbane Teams.

      Citycover want to promote health & happiness, hence the reason also to support and provide funding of sporting equipment. Being active in today’s world is so key to being “healthy & happy”.