Sale! Sale! Sale! Today is known as “Black Friday Sales”, and no doubt some of you will do all of your purchasing for the year today or this weekend as we approach Christmas time.

It certainly is a great time of year to pick up a quick bargain. From equipment upgrades, a new car, building improvements and everything in between, Black Friday sales sweep us off our feet, even if we try to avoid them. 

It’s often a tempting time to buy, however, we can be left off guard, and underinsured, as we forget to review the Insurance we currently have in place.

We remind you at this time, that you may need to increase your Home and Contents sums insured, especially if you have purchased new jewellery, furniture, technology, or managed to fit in some home improvements of late.

As your business grows, there will always be a need to purchase additional equipment or upgrades to your current stock. It is important that you review the sums insured on your policy so it adequately reflects the full replacement cost of everything, in the event of a loss.

Picked up a good Travel deal during the Sales? Did you know you need to take out Travel Insurance from the moment you make your first purchase?

Perhaps you haven’t succumbed to the sales, however it is also a good time to review the Insurance you currently have before Christmas time, and an excellent time to consolidate.

We understand that it can be hard to keep track of everything you have, and that is when having all of your Insurance with the one company like Citycover, can be a lifesaver.

This way, not only do you know you are Insured correctly, all the hard work is done for you each year to ensure you are covered.

Contact Citycover today on (07) 3270 1500 if you would like an Insurance review, or if you would like assistance to consolidate.