We’ve recently sent articles regarding the Commercial use of Drones, and another blog on the implications of Drone usage.

As at the 27th of March 2019, many reports have stated that Australia’s regulator of aviation safety, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), is going to establish a “Flyers Licence”, including the mandatory registration for drones from July 2019, regardless of whether the drone is used commercially or for pleasure.

The new procedures will affect anyone with a drone over 250 grams. To gain and hold a licence, Drone users will be required to pass an online course and pay an annual online fee. Depending on the use of your Drone, will depend on the fee.

CASA will also track users, with a database of “Drone flyer” data, and it will be kept in the event of complaints or if a Drone breaches safety compliance. They will be able to determine who flies drones in a specific area and what sort of drone they fly.

In the future, CASA may also be able to track Drones the same way they can track Aircraft. Some companies are now trialing the delivery of goods (at this stage coffee and food), so there’s an entire traffic system that is unmanned, and it’s important for security and safety reasons they’re tracked, to ensure they’re used appropriately.

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