A number of Industries are feeling the impact from the novel coronavirus pandemic. Societal lockdowns, social distancing and the temporary closure of non-essential businesses, many business owners are having to think outside the box in order to amend their practices so they can still operate during these challenging times.

Many businesses have started offering deliveries, but with this brings huge exposure. How is it being done? Who is doing the deliveries? What current Insurance coverage do you have? Are you using a third-party or are you doing in-house deliveries? Are you using business vehicles or private vehicles?

This is just one type of significant business change.

It has never been so important to discuss and disclose fundamental changes in business activities with your Insurance Adviser. Businesses may now be conducting deliveries, or manufacturers might have started retailing, or perhaps you are operating in an entirely different industry or you have taken on a new type of business activity.

Your Citycover Insurance Adviser will be able to offer you advice and risk management considerations so business owners aren’t left with extra exposures. Especially as this may be in relation to the COVID-19 disruptions. All businesses are feeling the impact and strain the pandemic is causing, so it really is a great time to reach out to your Citycover Adviser and talk to us about your Insurance concerns and what you are looking to do. Ask us “Do I have coverage for X, Y and Z?”, and if not, “what do I need”?

It’s our role to support and guide you in making the right Insurance related decisions, and ensuring you have the coverage you need to be protected in the event something goes wrong.

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