• Are you falling victim to online business insurance providers?

SMEs in Queensland are “falling victim” to online insurance providers, who claim to provide comprehensive cover for a fraction of the price but do not provide sufficient coverage.

The experience of claims make direct clients more aware of the potential risks of buying insurance without expert advice. Many businesses with standard cover are approaching brokerages such as Citycover when a claim has been made against them which their policy does not cover.

“The policies are worded very carefully but if you really look at them, you’ll see that there are many shortfalls that are leaving businesses underinsured and exposed to significant financial damage if they were to suffer a loss. This is because there is no “one size fits all” solution for insurance. Every industry is different and has its own unique risks. An insurance policy for a beauty salon should not be the same as one for business consultants.”

Your cover can only be deemed comprehensive when all of the liabilities have been taken into account and a full risk analysis has been undertaken when selecting one or more policies – an Insurance Adviser is an expert in identifying those exposures and evaluating against the products available in the market.

Four key advantages of using an Adviser: It saves you time, they provide expert knowledge and advice, they understand your needs and they resolve claims more quickly, easily and maximise your entitlement.

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