You may have read the sad news recently about a 50 year old man who died in hospital after coming off a Lime Scooter in Brisbane’s Southbank, back in May.

Such terrible circumstances, and we extend our sincerest thoughts and prayers to this man’s family and friends.

We can’t help but think though, will this be the last time? 

From an Insurance perspective, who was liable?

According to the ABC:

  • Did the Scooter Malfunction? No
  • Was he wearing a helmet? Yes
  • Did the helmet meet National Standards? Yes

So we ask ourselves the question – how long before they are banned from our streets?

 Two hospitals have looked at their data over a 2 month period in Brisbane, 80 injuries were caused by Lime Scooters, and of the 80, 12 injuries required Surgery.

Each case is different, but before jumping on a Scooter, consider the following:

What happens if you:

  • Accidently hit a car
  • Cause property damage
  • Hit and injure (or kill) a pedestrian
  • Hit a cyclist
  • Injure yourself

Would you still be able to work? Could you afford to pay for the damages?

Businesses and families should be having conversations around safety. In these situations, are you likely to be Insured?

Interestingly you can’t take Insurance out for Lime Scooters. Therefore, it’s important to think twice and be safe at all times.

Whilst we can’t (and shouldn’t) wrap ourselves in cotton wool, we can be wary of the risks and look out for one another. It may also prompt you to review your Income Protection and Life Insurance.

*Please note, this is general information only.