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      Citycover is a market leader for Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance. Policies are tailored to individual company’s needs no matter how big or small protecting your liability.

    • Why is Freight Forwarders Liability insurance important?

      Freight Forwarders are an integral part of our Australian supply chain, and maritime trade. Within this, there are an array of liabilities and risks which are unique to this business activity.

      The Industry has faced numerous cases involving cargo loss, damage, abandonment, fraud, and so forth. Consequently Transport Lines, Customers and Regulatory Bodies (such as ports) look to the Freight Forwarders to resolve issues and ultimately, they can be held liable for incidents. Freight Forwarders take on the duty of care for their client goods. This prescribed duty includes inherent risks, and can make the Freight Forwarders vulnerable for possible issues occurring during the delivery.

      Therefore ensuring you have the right protection through Citycover’s Freight Forwarders Liability insurance package is vital. We work with you to ensure the policy protects and cover your business activities.

      Failure to take out the correct Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance cover, can leave your business in a potentially damaging situation if the transportation of the clients goods end badly.

    • I’ve been dealing the team from Citycover for several years now, the service is very personalised, I can always call and speak with them directly if I have any problems or odd enquiries and they are always quick to solve any issue I may come across. I find customer service is key when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and the team at Citycover really make every effort to ensure I am well looked after.

      NICK P
      Freight Forwarders
      26th October, 2017

    • What does the Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance policy cover?

      As a specialist Insurance Broker, we understand choosing the right policy can be a difficult and complex task. Therefore we have outlined exactly what the policy can cover, this includes cargo exposure where legally liable to pay compensation for:

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        Loss or damage to customer’s cargo.


        Issued by Border Authorities.


        That are imposed on you due to an unintentional breach.


        For the payment of customs duty or the equivalent of customs duty.


        In relation to investigations, inquiries and prosecutions instigated by Border Authorities including threats of suspension or revocation of a customs broker license.


        Financial loss due to delays in handling Cargo, Demurrage charges, Misdescription of Cargo, Delivery of cargo to wrong destination.


        Industry Specific Tailored Solutions. I.e. – Contractual Liability: Can be tailored to cover liability arising from business transacted under a specific customer contract including consequential loss.

    • The Citycover difference

      • The logistics industry consists of many different occupations, each carrying their own risk exposures and regulatory requirements. Due to the complexities involved with these vulnerabilities comes the need for specialist knowledge, advice and insurance programs.

        Citycover provides a unique and personalised approach to designing insurance solutions that identify, assess and treat risks for Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Warehouse Operators, Transport and Logistics Companies.

        Citycover is a specialist insurance broker, not an insurance company. Therefore, if you need to make a claim, our in-house specialist claims team acts on your behalf and deals with the extensive and complex claims process. To provide you with a hassle-free process, you endeavour to get you the best result possible, within a suitable time frame so you can continue with your business.

        • Market leading products available
        • We are regarded by major insurers as an industry leader when it comes to our claims service
        • We are a IFCBAA Member
        • We have access to a vast range of insurers who specialise in Freight Forwarders Liability insurance
        • Over 45 years of trust
        • 24/7 emergency claims service
        • Member of Austbrokers (Top 250 ASX-listed company)
    • Additional benefits for Freight Forwarders

      Citycover has developed a market leading Marine Transit Platform allowing Freight Forwarders to quote and bind single Marine Transit insurance cover for their customers.

      This is a specialised product which has been built and tailored for the industry to provide a value add service to your business. The benefits of this platform are:

      • Market leading transit insurance
      • Platform is free to use with no subscription or license fees
      • Fast and easy – 2 minutes to quote/bind insurance cover
      • Do not require to see any pre-shipment documents
      • Industry leading claims service (Citycover handle all the claims)
      • Australian based insurers
      • Free insurance advice to YOUR customers
      • Available for Freight Forwarders and Custom Brokers
    • I was blown away by how incredibly simply it was to use. Each transit insurance policy takes next to no time to complete, the insurance certificate is ready to be printed immediately and its proved very effective in helping us to provide excellent customer service to our clients. I would highly recommend.

      NICK P.
      Freight Forwarders Lability Insurance Client

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    • FAQS

      Frequently Asked Questions for Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance.

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    • What is the difference between Office Insurance and Business Insurance?

      In effect, they provide the same cover. The main point of difference is that an Office Pack is specifically for an Office based risk and that you automatically receive Burglary and Theft over and up to the full Contents sum insured.

    • Can I obtain an Agreed Value Policy?

      Yes you can, we will discuss the various cover options available under the policy. You may need to provide us with a valuation from a Marine specialist / valuer in order for the Insurer to agree to the nominated value.

    • Can my transit policy cover all goods sent?

      Cover is available for goods imported, exported and sent within Australia.

    • Do I need Load Insurance?

      Load insurance protects the Chain of Responsibility. The Competition and Consumer Act, including any contracts between you and the Freight Forwarding Agent will dictate, however our advice is to get Load Insurance, as it can protect you in the event of damage or loss.

    • Do your freight forwarding policies only cover Freight Forwarding activities?

      No. Our freight forwarding policies are able to cover many different occupations as we understand that Freight Forwarders don’t always just do Freight Forwarding. The occupations that can be covered under our wordings are. Customs Brokers, Warehouse Operators, Logistics and Transport Companies.

    • Does this policy extend to cover the business if someone rents a chair or room?

      The public liability section of a policy automatically covers employees of your business. If you rent a chair or room to a third party, they are classed as a sub-contractor. Sub-contractors need to hold their own liability insurance and provide a Certificate of Currency to you to confirm they have cover.

    • Need to claim?

      Our claims process is seamless, market leading and hassle free. You can submit a claim 24/7 online, or alternatively you can phone us:

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      (07) 3270 1500
      Emergency after hours
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      Your dedicated claims specialist will assist you with your claim from start to finish.

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