Major Illness

Critical or Major Illness Insurance can give you financial peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

The chances of being struck with a major illness such as a heart attack, a stroke or malignant cancer is very real for all of us. While no one likes to think about these things, the fact remains that we need to stay real and find ways to protect the financial aspect of life.

With Major Illness Insurance you can enjoy the knowledge that a lump sum of money will be paid to you should the unexpected happen. This can be a huge release of stress, allowing you to deal with your illness first and foremost and not having to worry about paying bills, and feeding the family.

Depending on the cover you take out you get benefits for a number of different illnesses.

With Major Illness Insurance you will be able to:

  • Pay for medical attention
  • Pay a specialist
  • Pay for home renovation costs
  • Pay your running household expenses
  • Pay your debts

The cover can be tailored to your specific needs and your current financial circumstances. These insurance premiums are generally not tax deductible, and the lump sum benefits are not taxable.

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